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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*wiggles fingers* Was in a red mood.You dont see much
of that color being worn. Though i have to say some of
my fav color combos i dont see much of ! (burgundy/red,
lavender and sage green). Ah well! Have yourself a random
art post ^_^

And Disclaimer so as to aviod flames:

I am not a perfect artist. I do it for fun and when other ppl
enjoy what i put out, i take on commissions(PLUG: paypal as well
as barters/trades!lol) However i make mistakes. Anatomy.Style.
Objects.Shading. So much more! odds are, i already am aware of
them and over the years iv been drawing--am working on them.
But like any drug addict the road to reco..er..progress takes time.
So bare with me as i bombard you with my art ! hehe

Ne how, hope you guys like her! o_o i think she has a split personality
or horrific past or a suppressed "id" compared to her "ego" and "superego".

lol and the plad is brought to you by: Watching way too much Braveheart.
(Makes me hungry for plad LoL)
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