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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*wiggles fingers* The product of well..me not being able to get to sleep tonight @___@
I actually like this one it just seems friendly despite the fact they are such different styles
they can still relate on such a nice day^_^ T___T i wish i had fashionable buddies to stroll
through flower overran courtyards with LoL

And since i know ill get flamed no matter WHAT it is i do or say lmfaoo:

This drawing has flaws. I am aware of these flaws. All of these flaws.

You are entitled to point out that you too , see the flaws that i too
see. But if the last 48304984 people above you said this as well please
take this into consiteration^_^''''

Andd on a side note i am open to commissions and take both paypal and
bartering ^__^ I hope you all have a nice holiday!!
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